About HealthSupplier

I am David, I have worked at www.YourHealthSupplier.com for some time, would like to share my experience and knowledge of the products and tips I have come across over time. Not only have I come across Incontinence, Aids to Daily Living, Compression Socks & Stocking, Bathroom & Bedroom Safety products and so much more. People come across these issues all the time and no just elderly or frail individuals but young healthy people may also need some of these products.

The one thing that is most prevalent is that once someone needs these products, almost immediately the individual is overwhelmed with their choices or lack thereof. I hope to clear up these issues, when to use which product and which products are out there. I would love to help inform people of the many options out there. At YourHealthSupplier.com we have a saying “Our mission is to help facilitate an independent and comfortable lifestyle within the homes of our customers.” I hope to bring this to this blog.


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