Transform your Ordinary Bed into an Adjustable Bed

Transform your existing bed into an adjustable bed with just the touch of a button! At we are always looking to make people more comfortable and have a healthy lifestyle, the Mattress Genie Bed Wedge  it is great for simple comforts( finding that right position or making reading or something just more comfortable) for  anyone, to being used by people who are limited in mobility (post surgery, pregnancy, etc). Raise and lower the head of your bed to the angle that best suits your needs. Get the comfort of those expensive electric beds that are out there for a fraction of the price. It comes in different sizes and is so easy to use.Mattress Genie

Now anyone can enjoy the comfort and luxury of an adjustable bed (hospital bed) at a fraction of the cost ( and no hassle with assembly, weight or space). Raise & lower your upper mattress to any height between flat and 26″ or 40 degrees, lifts up to 1000 lb. Perfect for finding a comfortable sleeping position. While awake, this inflatable wedge helps reading, watching television, eating breakfast in bed, or playing video games like never before. Helps a new mother while nursing in bed and provides comfortable positions during pregnancy. Works on any mattress with existing bedding, conventional coil spring mattresses and foam mattresses like Tempur-Pedic, on mattresses up to 18″ thick. The Genie fully inflates in less than a minute and has a 1-year warranty.


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