Anti-embolism vs. Compression Stockings

People ask what is the difference between anti-embolism and graduated compression stocking? The answer is the difference is stark.

Ant-embolism – (A.K.A  – T.E. D. S.) these are made for people either confined to a bed or wheelchair, non-ambulatory patients and are not as nice aesthetically and are not easy to put on and can even be itchy or irritating.  They are commonly used to stimulate blood flow and prevent coagulation (thrombosis) in temporary situations for example post-surgical patients in the hospital or patients in nursing homes; it is low cost and usually not that high of a compression.

Graduated Compression – is made for people who are mobile and are medically therapeutic and are graduated in their compression(it is 100% at the ankle but as it goes up to the thigh it decreases) and the compression can be much stronger even all the way up to and not limited to 50mmHg. The greater compression is often needed due to the gravity and the effect of being upright on the circulatory system in these ambulatory patients. Many individuals who need to wear compression stockings wear them on a daily basis. In addition to all these aspects graduated compression stockings are also designed to be easy to put on, comfortable to wear and stylish (take a look at some that we carry from all styles and colors as well as male, female,  unisex, maternity and more).


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