Turning that Doorknob into a Lever at a Low Cost

People may have some limited hand mobility, strength, dexterity, grasping capabilities, or fine motor control the Doorknob Extender from Maddak ABLEWARE is ideal for them,  by turning any doorknob into a door lever that can be opened with a simple touch of the hand. It works as well as more expensive doorknob levers and it is easier to install. The 5″ (12.7 cm) extension handle converts a doorknob into a door lever providing extra leverage for people with limited hand function. The Extender fits over standard doorknobs and allows complete access to the keyholes. A cord or string can be inserted through the unique handle slot, making doorknobs easier to access for people with limited reach. Can be installed using only a screwdriver – no special tools required. It is an amazing product with a warranty, something definitely worth checking out. Such a simple and inexpensive item allows the person to have that much more independence.  This is but one of the simple products out there that not a lot of people know to look for, and think they need to replace the entire door knob and that it will be expensive job but this is the furthest thing from the truth.

The biggest thing that one must do is keep their eyes and ears open for new products, don’t reside to your fate and say you can’t do something. Almost any lifestyle can be improved upon with some small simple changes one must just look for it.


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