The Top Items to Transform your Bathroom into a Safe Environment

For those who have lost their sense of balance or are just not as steady on their feet as they used to  be there are a number of items out there that are vital and essential. One of the biggest problems that arise when people lose their sense of a secure footing is not the possibility of falling, but rather the fear that comes with it. People often get themselves a Rollator (Rolling walker) for outdoors and feel better about their outdoor safety but often overlook their own home. It is a horrible sense to not feel secure in one’s own home and one of the most dangerous places to be ignorant about is the bathroom.

So many customers know about many products out there and still chose not to get them out of being frugal or out of ignorance and leave themselves open to potentially dangerous situations. There are so many products out there that can turn ones bathroom into your own safe environment again that restore a sense of independence and so much more, if one is afraid of the price, space, installation or anything else one has but to ask and there is a solution.

First place first the Shower / Tub

One must get a bathmat, in fact this is a great product for anyone or everyone, and sometimes the simple solutions really are the best. If one would like to save money and not get the whole mat there is also the option of buying bath treads  which are not as a complete coverage as a bathmat but it is a much more economical option it is a mere fraction of the price and fits all sizes baths or showers (no need to ever cut it to fit).

One should also know the layout of his or her bathroom and know that there are a lot of possibilities, if one would like a bar to help them in / out of the shower one must consider where they would like it, do they want it installed, what style do they want and what price they would like to pay.There is the basic tub grab bar which allows one to step in and out of the bathtub with ease and requires no tool or anything to install it simply adheres to the wall by pressure and can be removed at any time or a suction base bar for the tub which is a better option then the tub grab bar  if the shower door might interfere with it closing.

There are bars for inside the shower (Chrome Grab Bar) that can be installed (a more secure bar) but they must be drilled into the wall and it must be done professionally especially if the walls are lined with tiles. There are also suction cup grab bars that require no installation and can be removed at any time. The one downside is the wall you are putting it on has small tiles it becomes hard to get a good suction due to the cracks running up and down the walls where you would like to place it. But one must realize there are all different styles and lengths to this bars so look at all the styles that best suits your taste, space and budget.

The shower head is also a product one can look into, if one has limited mobility a shower head with a hose might better suit your needs.

If one needs a shower chair / stool due to limited mobility or a real larger loss of balance there are so many options out there from fashionable and comfortable to economical. There are beautiful wooden benches that make one’s home look like a spa to large shower chair, benches, and transfer chairs, products with backs to no backs. For those who are pressed with space there are small stools there is even a folding shower chair great for a bathroom that hos other people using it. One must take into account of the space of the shower / bath and the use you would like to get out of it. If one simple need something small to sit on then a simple stool is enough is one needs assistance getting in and out with good support then perhaps a transfer bench along with backrests and armrest, the point is one must look at the options that best suits your needs and then make the purchase don’t be haste and purchase the first one you see.

This is but only some of the products available for the shower / tub .

The other thing is the Toilet

When it comes to the toilet one must take into account what one is shopping for along with the dexterity and the mobility of the person along with the space of the bathroom. Meaning some people might not need anything they may just need for the shower due to the slippery surfaces or poor visibility and that is it. If the reason is that one is not that stable then one must consider what will be a good aid for that person when it comes to the toilet. If one just needs the toilet to be a few inches higher   will be enough to make that person be more secure when he sits and stands up then a simple elevated toilet seat is enough. If the bathroom is to be used regularly and one wishes to have the convenience of it not always being there one can pursue the hinged elevated toiled seat (also available in elongated) . If one needs more supports one can look into using also a toilet saftey frame in conjunction with the elevated toilet seat or on its own.

One must also think of the possibility of commodes for those who may be in extremely limited mobility. They come in bariatric to lightweight, drop arm and so much more. Commodes can be used in conjunction with the regular toilet or can be used on its own(in the bedroom or on a different floor i.e. there is no bathroom on the first floor) . There are so many options depending on price, space, weight capacity and comfort. The all in one aluminium commode is one of the best all around options, it is only $35.95 and it has phenomenal features it can be used over the toilet at a elevated toilet / safety frame, it has a removable backrest and it is lightweight and will not rust. If one needs heavier duty one can go with a bariatric commode, or the extra wide elevated toilet seat with steel legs ( can hold up to 600 lbs).

The point is always ask and research before you buy, know that there is a lot more options out there then one would think .


Transform your Ordinary Bed into an Adjustable Bed

Transform your existing bed into an adjustable bed with just the touch of a button! At we are always looking to make people more comfortable and have a healthy lifestyle, the Mattress Genie Bed Wedge  it is great for simple comforts( finding that right position or making reading or something just more comfortable) for  anyone, to being used by people who are limited in mobility (post surgery, pregnancy, etc). Raise and lower the head of your bed to the angle that best suits your needs. Get the comfort of those expensive electric beds that are out there for a fraction of the price. It comes in different sizes and is so easy to use.Mattress Genie

Now anyone can enjoy the comfort and luxury of an adjustable bed (hospital bed) at a fraction of the cost ( and no hassle with assembly, weight or space). Raise & lower your upper mattress to any height between flat and 26″ or 40 degrees, lifts up to 1000 lb. Perfect for finding a comfortable sleeping position. While awake, this inflatable wedge helps reading, watching television, eating breakfast in bed, or playing video games like never before. Helps a new mother while nursing in bed and provides comfortable positions during pregnancy. Works on any mattress with existing bedding, conventional coil spring mattresses and foam mattresses like Tempur-Pedic, on mattresses up to 18″ thick. The Genie fully inflates in less than a minute and has a 1-year warranty.

Anti-embolism vs. Compression Stockings

People ask what is the difference between anti-embolism and graduated compression stocking? The answer is the difference is stark.

Ant-embolism – (A.K.A  – T.E. D. S.) these are made for people either confined to a bed or wheelchair, non-ambulatory patients and are not as nice aesthetically and are not easy to put on and can even be itchy or irritating.  They are commonly used to stimulate blood flow and prevent coagulation (thrombosis) in temporary situations for example post-surgical patients in the hospital or patients in nursing homes; it is low cost and usually not that high of a compression.

Graduated Compression – is made for people who are mobile and are medically therapeutic and are graduated in their compression(it is 100% at the ankle but as it goes up to the thigh it decreases) and the compression can be much stronger even all the way up to and not limited to 50mmHg. The greater compression is often needed due to the gravity and the effect of being upright on the circulatory system in these ambulatory patients. Many individuals who need to wear compression stockings wear them on a daily basis. In addition to all these aspects graduated compression stockings are also designed to be easy to put on, comfortable to wear and stylish (take a look at some that we carry from all styles and colors as well as male, female,  unisex, maternity and more).

How The Top Tilt Bedside Table – Another Step to a Comfortable Lifestyle

Tilt Top Bedside TableThe Tilt Top Table Bedside Table – Another Step to a Comfortable Lifestyle

Having the Tilt Top Bedside Table is an incredible asset for comfort and convenience in the bedroom. Right now on sale till the end of September we are offering one at the incredibly discounted price of $77.95 with Free Shipping.

The reason why it is such a good item to have is the simple comforts it affords you from bed, have your drink at the ready, dont lose that remote again, keeep that box of tissues withen reach etc. For those who are bed ridden or have limited mobility it is an even more incredible and essential bedroom product, it should be a ‘must have’.  The unique Tilt Top Bedside Table is designed for quick assembly and easy use. Even in the tilt position it has a small section that remains flat- a perfect place to hold cups, glasses, remote controls or other items you want to keep close at hand.

The height adjusts for comfort; tilts in either direction, wheels lock for stability and has a  1-year limited warranty. You cant go wrong with such an item.

Turning that Doorknob into a Lever at a Low Cost

People may have some limited hand mobility, strength, dexterity, grasping capabilities, or fine motor control the Doorknob Extender from Maddak ABLEWARE is ideal for them,  by turning any doorknob into a door lever that can be opened with a simple touch of the hand. It works as well as more expensive doorknob levers and it is easier to install. The 5″ (12.7 cm) extension handle converts a doorknob into a door lever providing extra leverage for people with limited hand function. The Extender fits over standard doorknobs and allows complete access to the keyholes. A cord or string can be inserted through the unique handle slot, making doorknobs easier to access for people with limited reach. Can be installed using only a screwdriver – no special tools required. It is an amazing product with a warranty, something definitely worth checking out. Such a simple and inexpensive item allows the person to have that much more independence.  This is but one of the simple products out there that not a lot of people know to look for, and think they need to replace the entire door knob and that it will be expensive job but this is the furthest thing from the truth.

The biggest thing that one must do is keep their eyes and ears open for new products, don’t reside to your fate and say you can’t do something. Almost any lifestyle can be improved upon with some small simple changes one must just look for it.

Living Eazy Wheelchair Table, Hook Cup Holder – Mobility – New Innovative Product

For those people who are wheelchair bound or at times must use a wheelchair, the ezEnabler’s patent-pending clamp & tube assistive device system is great for you. It allows wheelchair or walker users to connect many different attachments. This item is great because instead of having to have that whole big table attached for a quick snack or sit by a desk to use the laptop (even when you are out), now you can just attach this small lightweight, portable and durable product. This little known and relatively new product is incredible. It gives the user a hook, cup holder and a small table top to take anywhere.

The uniquely designed clamp can be secured to any pole on the wheelchair or walker frame without adding extra width (it is good for manual or power chairs). The user has the choice of three aluminum tubes (7”, 9” & 14”) that fit into each other, as well as the clamp, to make a custom height adjustment for the various attachments.   The table top, hook and cup-holder are made of poly-propylene, a durable recycled material that is dishwasher safe. The table top is manufactured with ribbing for extra durability and has two ports to accommodate individual placement on the tube(s). The cup-holder has added flexibility to protect it from repeated hits and bumps! The versatile hook can carry items such as keys, cell phones, and bags while shopping.

Once the clamp is secured, the attachments can be used as needed by the individual or carried in the enclosed tote bag that fits on the back of the chair. It gives the user more independence and a better quality of life!

Features:Living Easy Table

Table top

Cup holder


Table Top: 11.5” L x 9.75” W x .75” H

Cup-Holder: 4” W x 4” H

Tubes: 7”, 9” & 14” L x